The webdesign process starts with a kick-off meeting where we discuss your goals, required actions and target audiences. This allows me to advise you on the best solution for your (new) website. From custom designs to templates, everything is possible.

We set up the page structure through sitemaps, wireframes, and user flows (User Experience) and translate them into aesthetic graphic layouts and designs (User Interface). All of this is done in the look and feel of your visual identity, ensuring your website truly has its own character and exudes your brand.

Depending on the type of site and its goals, I develop in Webflow, Shopify, or Squarespace. Along with custom code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Liquid) if needed. Throughout the process, the site is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. To truly bring your website to life, I always add animations and interactions, such as scroll and hover animations.

Do you use newsletter marketing tools like Mailchimp or other CRM/CMS software? I can set up automations and integrate these systems with your new site, ensuring all information is seamlessly linked to the right software.

Meetings and project management are included to ensure we work as effectively as possible.

Do you have an existing website, but running into problems? Like not generating leads, system bugs or design that is no longer up to date? I am happy to help you optimize your website through SEO, A/B testing, design upgrades and/or CMS maintenance.

A big part of the website is the look and feel. I make sure the webdesign is always made in line with the visual identity of your brand. After all, this is your brand's main channel, and you want the entire visual identity to be constant across all marketing channels.

Don't have a visual identity yet or want an upgrade? As a graphic designer, I'm happy to help you develop a logo and/or visual identity that we can then seamlessly translate into the new website. In addition to the logo, this includes colors, color schemes, typography, font hierarchies, graphic elements and possibly art direction and packaging design.

Hi! My name is Jil, a passionate digital designer and the founder of STUDIO NETTØ. My goal is to make your website not only visually appealing, but also highly functional and optimized for best performance. I will help you stand out in the digital landscape, by creating a website that really achieves it's goals and truly represents your brand.

With a background in graphic design, keen eye for aesthetics, and strong attention to detail, I bridge design and development into functional and appealing user experiences. While my main focus is on digital design, my services also encompass branding (logo design and visual identity) and packaging design. Ensuring a holistic approach to your brand's digital and physical presence.

Let's connect and explore how I can help you achieve the digital design of your dreams!